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When most of Iraqi dinar gurus expect revaluation of Iraqi dinar in the next few days, Poppy 3 has different views for revaluation of dinar. Poppy believe that revaluation of Iraqi dinar will not occur until 2015. He believes that political and security situation of Iraq is not in the position to take final decision for revaluation.
The people who support the private banking sector in Iraq know that the government needs the support of this sector because it aids the economy. The economy of the country is zero without the support of the banking sector. The government is planning different things which need to be supported by the different departments of the country.
Iraqi index market went up due to the security rising. It was recorded at 10.51 points with a 0.37 upward situation. The market of the securities showed that almost one billion shares were traded in the market. This was a great thing for a country like Iraq, 42 companies shares raised while shares of 8 companies remained at the same place. The market of securities holds five sessions a week.
This is first time in the history that UN appreciated and praised the efforts made by Iraq parliament. In a statement, the UN representative said it is appreciating that parliament of Iraq cast a vote of confidence in the favor of Haider Abadi and elected Abadi as prime minister of Iraq. UN hopes that Iraq will overcome the economic and security issues prevailing in Iraq under the supervision of Haider Abadi.